Step 1: Get the #MyLastShot sticker

Putting this message on a personal item such as an ID card lets others know your intentions in the event you die from gun violence.

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Step 2: Placing Your Sticker

We recommend placing your sticker on a personal item you have on yourself often. That may include a Student ID, Drivers License, State ID, or a Cell Phone.

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Step 3: Talking With Family

The next step is making your intentions known to friends and family. They are the ones that will be affected the most by your decision. We recommend sitting down with them, and explaining why this pledge is important to you. Talking to them now will also ensure your wishes, publicizing the photo of your death in the event you die from gun violence by another person, won't come as a surprise to anyone close to you.



Step 4: Find an advocate

Your advocate is the inheritor of your last wish. They are a close friend or family member that will fight to ensure your photo is released in the event you die from gun violence.

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Step 5: Sharing #MyLastShot

Now, it's time to share your message with the world. Use the hashtag #MyLastShot and take a selfie or share a video of you holding up the personal item your sticker is placed on. If you place it on an ID we recommend covering your barcode, as shown in the example above.